PPR serves various healthcare organizations each with unique challenges and needs. We recognize hiring top talent has a tremendous impact on providing exceptional patient care. PPR’s vendor management programs invest time, talent, and technology into creating a process that delivers.

Although recruitment and managing contracted healthcare professionals is an important component to delivering patient care, it is not always the core business of any healthcare delivery organization. PPR invests in top talent and technology to create and maintain a top tier vendor management program that serves your unique needs.

Many traditional vendor management services only solve for one problem. PPR is dedicated to our partnerships. To show you we are in this together, we are able to construct a vendor management program that includes other services you currently are paying for free of charge.

Hire more permanent employees, in critical locations, fast!

PPR Vendor Solutions can source candidates from over 200 affiliate providers who specialize in permanent and/or contract staffing within all settings. Having a robust network of vendors allows you to cast the widest net sourcing the right candidates as fast as possible. Contact PPR to discuss the options for you today.

Controlling the premium labor spend is vital to any organization.

PPR Vendor Solutions can develop or adapt a requisition and approval process of any needed premium labor openings; structuring the process allows for better control and oversight. PPR vendor solutions further helps reduce spend by standardizing rates of different vendors being used throughout your organization. PPR provides accurate reporting that can lead to better decision making surrounding overall usage. Vendor over payments are reduced through PPR’s oversight and streamlined billing process. Contact PPR to discuss the options for you today.

Your time is valued!

There are so many daily distractions when dealing with third party vendors. The calls, emails, contract negotiations, contractor issues, credentialing up-keep, timesheet issues and invoice follow up. PPR will eliminate the non productive interactions that interrupt your team from their focused efforts. Your organization would only have to reach out to one contact at PPR for all your needs! Contact PPR to discuss the options for you today.

Transparency is key in understanding and managing staffing liabilities.

Too often agencies and their contractors are not held to the standard required by the facility. Managing the documentation and the expiry items can be overwhelming and may have unseen liabilities. PPR uses a dedicated credentialing department to provide consistent quality assurance on the required documentation. Vendor insurance coverage along with candidate start management documentation is reviewed on all candidates. Regular reporting from PPR allows organizations to better manage their risk when using third party agencies. Contact PPR to discuss the options for you today.

Quality makes a difference.

Your PPR team is able to take the time needed to screen candidates to the specifications you set. When needed, added marketing efforts both inside and outside the Affiliate network are made in finding quality rather than quantity. PPR believes only the very best candidates for your review make for an excellent hiring manager experience and ultimately provide sound patient care. Contact PPR to discuss the options for you today.

Want to learn more about how our Vendor Management services can help you?

We would love to learn more about your unique needs and build a plan that will work for you. Contact us today!

VM Savings Calculator

This calculator is designed to show you an estimated savings that a PPR Vendor Management partnership can provide your organization. Each PPR engagement is customized to needs of our clients however there are some areas that we can predict savings through efficiencies and service of PPR’s programs.

First box; please enter the average bill rate per hour that is used when contract labor is used through third party vendors.

Second box; please enter the average (fully loaded) hourly pay rate of your organizations’ staffing personnel where you are typically using contract labor.

Third box; please enter the number of contractors you are using.

Results: The total yearly savings is a representation of what could occur during a PPR Vendor Management partnership. The cost savings amount is a product of PPR providing permanent placements, rate management and the re-allocation of current work hours

Please reach out to us and we will gladly discuss the way PPR Vendor Solutions can integrate with your current process. Contact us