At PPR, we take a partnership approach with our Affiliate Providers network. We pride ourselves on treating vendors how we would like to be treated – after all we are an affiliate too! Our goal is to give you additional access to orders with timely and accurate feedback. We invest in the tools and personnel to achieve that goal. Our VMS Beacon123 is a tool and not a replacement to personal interaction. We welcome direct communication with you and think that it is a vital part of our successful partnership. With your help we strive to improve processes, drive efficiency to increase your success every day.

What sets PPR Vendor Solutions apart?

  • Increase your business opportunities in direct-hire and contingent staff openings
  • Save time managing accounts with efficiency in procurement and credentialing
  • Thrive in a fair market with standardized pricing
  • Have more opportunities to retain current contracting staff
  • Continuous PPR support

We work with PPR on a number of their Vendor Management relationships and enjoy a strong relationship with PPR.

PPR Affiliate Provider since 2010

With the highest degree of confidence, we would like to confirm the overwhelming professionalism of PPR. As a company with national reach and a personal feel, we have always looked to form partnerships with companies that share our values. PPR has exhibited a business model based on mutual respect with a laser-like focus on results. When PPR took over client services for a client, we were nervous about the transition. Fortunately, PPR has exceeded all expectations. We were able to quickly form a tremendous working relationship as well as meaningful personal chemistry.

PPR places a premium on timely submittals and diligent follow-up. The use of the Beacon website has allowed our recruiters to submit profiles with remarkable speed due to working in concert with our own database. PPR built its company around innovative recruiting techniques in travel nursing and therapy, and that experience comes across every day. PPR has proven to be trustworthy and flexible while having a keen understanding of the challenges we face. We would be remiss if we didn’t give praise to our key contacts over at PPR. They work tirelessly to give us superior support and opportunity. They display robust industry knowledge and a cheerful personable demeanor in dealing with our staff.

PPR Affiliate Provider since 2010