Is Your Current VMS Not Filling Your Openings?

March 5th, 2015 | Posted by Amber in Client Tips, MSP, Vendor Management

Wait, what?!

We are sorry to hear that, but recognize that this can be a common problem—especially if you are using a vendor management system (VMS) and not a managed service provider (MSP).

You may ask, “Well, what is the difference?” Glad you asked!

VMS programs focus on technology and provide an internet portal, often Web-based application that manages basic vendor staffing processes for temporary contractors. Unfortunately, your organization still must have employees interacting with the software and dealing with all the vendors supplying information into the system. And, depending on your healthcare system’s needs, you may have lots of openings plus be inundated with many, many applications from people who don’t meet your needs. Even bigger challenge, somebody (or several somebodies) in your organization still has to review them and weed out the people who don’t meet your requirements.

End Result?

You still have lots of open positions and have spent a lot of time and money with unsatisfactory results.

There is a better way! It’s called using a Managed Service Provider (MSP).  Well, for one thing, with an MSP, you have just gained a real partner in meeting your staffing needs.

With an MSP, the partner takes on the responsibility of sourcing, recruiting, reviewing, and preparing candidates for the positions you need filling. You give the partner the requirements for the positions, and the partner will go and find people that meet those requirements. You have one person to contact that is consultative in helping you find the coverage needed.

With the right technology, you have the opportunity to interview and select the people you want, eliminating the need to wade through so many applicants, emails and calls from vendors to get there.

If you want a partner to assist you with your staffing needs who will work their very, very best to make sure to get great candidates to interview, contact us at We would love to talk with you!

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