How an Operations Consultant Can Solve Your Staffing Needs

June 29th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Client Tips, MSP, Vendor Management

Do you ever wonder if a fresh yet methodical perspective along with another set of hands could make a world of difference for your organization?

A vendor solutions team might be the most well-equipped response to your SOS signal. Understanding how to navigate the ebbs and flows of your business so you come out ahead is their strong suit. They are your skillful army ready to take on your frustrations and leave your organization primed for a more successful future.

A Diverse Toolbox

As a healthcare facility manager, you must wear many hats and sometimes more than one at the same time. An Operations Consultant is a highly-trained extension of your team who can wear many of those hats on your behalf, thus freeing you up to take on the other items on your “to tackle” list.

A varied toolbox means your operations consultant can assist with forecasting based on trends, hiring, controlling labor spend, and many other factors related to the day-to-day operations of your organization.

Time, Talent & Turnover

It’s no secret that it takes considerable time to hire the right talent with the hope of reducing turnover. An experienced Operations Consultant can help you plan for workforce gaps due to seasonality or EMR conversion, for instance, while ensuring your vacant positions are filled by finding the right talent quickly and efficiently.

There is undoubtedly a ripple effect in a short-staffed operation and that includes a side of lost productivity and more than a dash of diverted resources. Healthcare managers are tasked with remaining an advocate for leaner operations without compromising patient care and employee morale.

It’s an operations consultant’s job to find that balance, which should mean a custom solution and detailed action plan for your organization’s specific needs. For specific hiring needs, he or she casts a wide net and picks the most qualified fish to interview and select from thus reducing the likelihood that it won’t be a match. Furthermore, they can provide liability transparency and handle contract negotiating, which can dramatically impact premium labor cost stabilization.

“PPR’s service has given us access to more travelers with an assurance of quality,” said Shannon Baum, Director Nurse Recruitment, FLEX for Baptist Health. “They provide us with a single point of contact and one contract which has reduced administrative burden and multiple calls from vendors.”

Learn more about how a PPR Operations Consultant can solve your staffing needs. We love a good puzzle, so drop us a line at www.pprvs.com/contact-ppr, and let’s explore how we can be that extension of your team you’ve been wishing for.

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