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Why an MSP Provider Could be the Missing Link, Part 2

July 25th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in MSP, Vendor Management

Does the length of your unfilled positions roster resemble that of a Fourth of July party shopping list? Are you combing through your HR expenses with the goal to minimize costs without compromising employee morale? There’s good news after all. The solution to these and other challenges might already be packaged up in a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Here’s why you should look to an MSP to fill the voids you’re experiencing right now or might be soon.

Affiliate Networks at Work

Selecting a reputable MSP gives you the advantage of working with experienced recruiters who know the in-and-outs of the industry. They maintain large affiliate networks they can task with finding your next team member who fits well with your culture and has the necessary skills to get the job done.

Substantial Cost Savings

Manage your temporary workforce with a new degree of efficiency by streamlining the hiring process and reducing the time to fill. An MSP saves hard costs as well as the soft costs that can skyrocket when you factor in the unrenewable resource of time. Allow an MSP to negotiate the contracts and make sure you aren’t paying unnecessary premiums. An added bonus is one bill without hidden fees.

Next week, we will dive into how an MSP partnership can impact your business IQ.

Still confused about the difference between a VMS and MSP? We’ve got the difference outlined right here.

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