What is an MSP-

What is an MSP and why should it matter to you?

November 7th, 2017 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

Why is that important?
MSPs help healthcare organizations remain focused on the most important thing, which is patient care.

Find and retain quality clinicians  

If you manage a healthcare organization then you know how the nursing shortage pain points have a way of trickling down. Healthcare organizations can look to an MSP to handle 100% of its contingent staffing needs including:

-          Increasing quality candidate submissions

-          Filling open positions

-          Solving inefficient hiring processes

-          Retaining top performers

Business continuity

An MSP can also help stabilize an organization’s contract labor through centralization. There’s an increased level of transparency when credential management, contracts, and payroll are all handled from a single source. Real-time reporting capabilities makes a MSP an extension of your team so together you can do more planning and less reactive staffing.

Cost savings

The cost savings of having more time to focus on patient care is difficult to put a price tag on but you know its intrinsic value scales. An MSP client no longer must spend time dealing with the tedious operations of contract labor with third parties and are able to focus on the more productive internal items.

There are additional cost savings that a healthcare organization can realize through contracting with an MSP including:

-          Increasing vendor visibility

-          Reducing premium labor spend

-          More robust compliance and risk mitigation

-          Maximizing workforce investment

It’s important to partner with an expert team who provides custom solutions and are willing to fill orders on your terms. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our MSP solutions. Contact us today and learn how our MSP services remain unmatched.

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