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Fill Job Orders More Efficiently with an MSP

November 28th, 2017 | Posted by bbarr in MSP, Vendor Management

Thanks to online retailers like Amazon we have come to expect a simple ordering process that makes our lives easier by providing a variety of qualified options and even suggesting complementary items. We are updated on each stage of our order process and finally asked to rate the items we purchased to assist others in their decision making.

Healthcare organizations also have orders to fill – specifically, staffing orders. Today’s healthcare climate is never short of complexities whether due to expansions, technological upgrades or patient demands. These business opportunities often intersect with a staffing need. And although recruitment and managing contracted healthcare professionals is an important component to delivering valued patient care, it is generally not a healthcare provider’s core business.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider or MSP can significantly improve and optimize the process of filling staffing orders through technology-advanced sourcing, recruiting and screening. After all, it is an MSP’s core business to fill orders in a strategic and cost efficient way.

Sourcing & Screening

What’s more important than who you choose to be the heart and mind behind your organization? Your team has a direct and identifiable impact on your patient care. When considering an MSP, you want a company that consistently invests in top talent and technology to create and maintain a top tier vendor management program. That way you know you are choosing from the best and brightest your industry has to offer.

Curious how an MSP solution could help your organization fill orders?

Contact one of our representatives today. We’d be happy to share a little bit about how we can help make your life easier. At PPR Vendor Solutions, we always put you first.

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