When You Don’t Know Your Contract Labor Process is Hurting Your Efficiency

June 7th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

It’s occurring in facilities nearly everywhere: a lack of centralized contract labor that’s actually hurting efficiency. While facilities need contract labor to stay up and running, it also creates challenges in dealing directly with hundreds of staffing vendors—all with differing rates, contracts, and criteria. On top of that, there’s the added challenge of time management when calling and emailing hiring and HR managers is a must.

This lack of efficiency in facilities is often not understood CEOs, and often goes unchanged because there is not a clear picture of how much of an issue has developed. The CFO may be underreporting the amount of agency they use, which can actually make it difficult for CEOs to truly understand how the process is hurting efficiency. MSPs can act as a safety net to help with data gathering/reporting to increase transparency and visibility into contract labor spend.

As we mentioned in our last blog post, “When Your Contract Labor Process is Hurting Your Efficiency Turn to an MSP,” on top of not knowing how to deal with hiring mayhem, many CEOs are not aware of just how much this inefficiency might be costing the facility. This is where an MSP can help.

We handle all of the heavy lifting and once the MSP program is put in place, helping the CEO, C-Suite or CFO understand where the new focus should be when it comes to contract hiring. An MSP provides a single point of contact for managing the entire staffing process from start to finish. The streamlined workflow leads to faster and better hiring.

An MSP can help uncover financial issues, and HR issues. Whatever it may be, we work with each client to customize a plan to save you money you didn’t know was being spent. Sounds pretty great, huh? Here’s how we get started; it’s only a few weeks of implementation.

We’ll contact agencies to determine how much money is actually being spent. Next, we have data/bill rates to analyze. We may even need to train employees. We do all of this within a few week timeframe to get you running as efficiently as possible.

If you know your hiring process isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, and you know you could use some help streamlining it all, contact PPR Vendor Solutions today to get the process started.

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