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Navigating the world of managing contract labor can be intimidating. No need to face it alone. PPR Vendor Solutions acts as your all-encompassing MSP resource in the marketplace. We handle all aspects of vendor management in a turnkey solution. From our large affiliate network, our experienced clinical support team, all the way to your VMS technology needs, we have it covered.

You have one contact, one contract, one invoice. Centralizing your hiring needs increases transparency and creates seamless processes; saving time, money and alleviating risk.

We put you first with a rigorous compliance and risk mitigation process, constantly keeping you on the competitive edge with the most unrivaled quality candidates. Our meticulous quality-management team ensures that you are protected from vendors that may not have the same robust standards around credentialing and insurance coverage that we follow.

21 years of boundless experience in healthcare contract labor means you get the best of the best every time. PPR Vendor Solutions is on the forefront of the acute and post-acute staffing space. Our ‘embrace our affiliates’ philosophy ensures that your needs are met every time. We work with our staffing agency partners, never against them.

PPR has a long history of creating the best customer experience when partnering with organizations for recruiting. This experience begins with our team of tenured employees who seek out PPR-like organizations who have similar values as PPR. Once an organization partners with us, they quickly learn that these qualities permeate through the entire PPR organization and they keep being ‘wowed.’ Representatives in recruiting, sourcing, payroll, quality management and billing all pride themselves on creating a best-in-industry customer experience.

How has PPR been able to create this differentiation? By creating a world-class culture. PPR is one of only two organizations that has been on the national list of America’s “Best Places to Work” for 13 years (and counting) and in 2016 was honored to be the #7 Best Place to Work in America. We are also honored to be one of the 35 organizations in the world to be named a 2016 Gallup Great Workplace Award Winner. This award was created to recognize organizations for their extraordinary ability to create engaged workplace cultures that drive business outcomes.

PPR takes the time to understand the unique challenges facing our clients, and we develop the appropriate, custom solutions. Our own distinct culture and core values provide the foundation to deliver the best customer experience. Trust, excellence, teamwork, service, and change are integral components in being certified by The Joint Commission since 2005.

PPR is an equal opportunity employer.

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